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Bansko ski resort is the most profitable in Europe!

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Lovers of skiing and snowboarding in Europe can get all the amenities for a minimum price in Bansko. This was reported by the British press, referring to the annual survey of the tourist site TripAdvisor among 42 resorts.
"Bansko is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains and has about 100 hotels. Among them is the" Kempinski Grand Arena ", which was staged by tourists in second place among the best hotels in Bulgaria in 2014 in the TripAdvisor", wrote one of the most prestigious newspapers on the other side of -Mansha - "Independent".
Total cost for four-member family on a week-long package here is € 2085, this price includes the hotel (956 euros), ski equipment hire (€ 208) card for lifts (565 euros), ski lessons (182 euros) and dinner (€ 130) and soft drinks (17 euros).
Above all in classifying the Tyrolean ski center is located in St. Anton (Av), where the holiday is three times more expensive Bansko - € 6426. The second is St. Moritz (Switzerland), with the price of € 6151, and the third - Val d'Isere (Fr. ) to € 5889.
Otherwise, the most accessible country with 4 -mya destinations in the top ten - Andorra. Switzerland - the most expensive, because there are 4 of the top 10 luxury resorts. The second most profitable place after Bansko is the Sierra Nevada (Spain) - a week for the entire family is € 2467.Tretya position - for the Olympic city of Sochi (Russia), with € 2819.
Meanwhile, the largest daily newspaper in the UK - 1.7-million "Daily Mail", drew attention to another fact, namely, that the beer under the top Todorka also the cheapest (25 euros for two a day).
We remind you that in 2013 identified Bansko TripAdvisor Best destination in Europe. Then the leading figures of the site calculated that the meals, a bottle of beer and a night in a hotel here, on average, 125 euros.